The Burdens

Reva Shiner Comedy Award Winner

May 8-23
May 8, 2020 @ 7:30 pm
The Burdens

Written by Matt Schatz
Directed by Ivey Lowe
Sponsored by Ruth Albright, Dale & Cyndi Nelson

Siblings Mordy and Jane communicate like proper millennials: primarily through text message and loaded with sarcasm. When their loving mother’s life becomes emotionally and financially taxed by their absolutely awful and 100-year-old grandfather, Zad-Zad, they draw together an elaborate plot to…relieve their mother’s burden. Told almost entirely via text messages, The Burdens is a dark, family comedy about how technology helps keep us close, while still enabling us to keep our distance. After all, it’s sometimes easier to type something than it is to say it face to face, isn’t it? But please, be careful of auto-correct. It can be murder.

Box office opens at 6:30pm, house opens at 7pm, shows begin at 7:30pm.

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